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Swix Recommendations for waxing

On Friday, after sandblasting the kick zone of your skis, start by applying a base klister - SWKX20 BASE KLISTER green – with an iron at 230 °F. Its main benefit is its high wear resistance and adhesion. Ideally leave your skis all night outside in very cold conditions.

On Saturday, cover with blue klister - SWKX30 ICE KLISTER blue – and spread lightly without melting it with the base klister. It is THE klister for icy conditions.

And on Sunday morning, prior to the race, cover with a cold hard kick wax, probably the blue one – SWV30 blue – with 8°F forecasted on Sunday (on 03/02/2016).”

If you have any doubt, please visit And if you still have questions or need assistance, a wax technician will be available on-site.